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15 minutes: A discussion on Bootblack Scenes

This is a hybrid discussion/hands on class that touches on many points of the bootblacking chair scene including different kinds of technique, different styles of interaction, etiquette and history.


A Taste of Heaven – The Magic of High Protocol Dinners

Join Sir Gareth and slave toi as they share the secrets of every detail that goes into putting on a High Protocol Dinner! They will share her tips for a 5 Star presentation on a budget! Everyone that attends the class can receive a copy of the Power Point that includes checklists, budgets, invitation sample and more!

When we combine wondrous things to eat with exquisite service decorum, ceremony and high protocol we literally create heaven on earth for Masters and slaves! If you’ve ever wanted to host an elegant 5 Star High Protocol Dinner on a 2 star budget this class is for you!

From concept to execution – we cover it all! –

  • The psychology of a ‘High Protocol Dinner’ (HPD) and why it can be a game changer for your relationship and community,     
  • Making it look easy - magically organize and effortlessly keep track of all the moving parts of a HPD,
  • How to inspire Kings and Queens to stay on course for an entire evening!
  • We’ll review space selection, organizing the kitchen and service staff, 5 Star caliber presentation on a shoestring budget, awesome menu planning resources and more!!


Advanced Caning: Come Soar and leave Sore!

OK, so you know the basics of the cane and a few strokes. Come learn some advanced techniques, from layered bruising to caning to blood.

This class will cover these subjects plus how to incorporate canes into other kinds of scenes and how to do a whole scene causing different sensations with just one  cane. Bring your own (canes & bottom) for practice time!


AGE PLAY: Littles & Middles to Grandmas & Grandpas

While you wouldn’t  think a 31 year old girl coloring in child’s coloring book while dressed as an 8 year old to be particularly provocative, it’s amazing the different misconceptions that people even right here in the BDSM community have about Age Play. The overly simple definition of Age Play is that it is a type of role playing that involves either age REgression or age PROgression  assuming a persona  younger or older than oneself. There are a few different categories within Age Play, including Littles Play, Elder Play and AB/DL Play (Adult Baby & Diaper Lover) but fundamentally we  are talking about the simple act of not acting ones age. Come soar with us, learning about the wonderful, empowering and nurturing aspects of Age Play.


Are Cum Stains Allowed?: Bootblack Stand Etiquette

Have you been silently observing that special bootblack on the stand wondering how to sit for them?  Have you happened upon a contest weekend and felt uncertain how  to get involved in the shenanigans and fun happening wherever the bootblacks are?  Come learn about how your typical bootblack stand works, the differences between a bar black, personal service, and contest blacks.  We will discuss what is feasible to do while at the stand, how to describe your wants or needs, and  how to have an successful interaction with your favorite bootblack.


Balancing Play Partners and Relationships

BDSM offers us a very odd opportunity. We have our single partners. However, sometimes these partners do not fulfill all of our kinks. Therefore play partners are needed  to fill the gaps in what we need as kinksters. This is NOT a class on how to pick up an exclusive partner but more how to balance a romantic  partner and a play partner or multiple play partners. Learn how to soar to new heights with your  relationships and strategies for dealing with the issues that can arise between multiple people. 


Beginner CBT: Sensually Sadistic

Curious about CBT, but not sure where to begin? Come learn about mild to moderate beginner-level CBT play with Dee! We’ll start off with basic safety and anatomy, then discuss communication tips to help ensure a good time is had by all. Physical techniques discussed will include basic CBT-based bondage, tease & denial, the use of teeth and nails, cock slapping and squeezing, purposeful overstimulation, and how to temper your sadistic activities with sensual play to make your CBT scene last.

Demo bottom volunteers are always welcome, and can be of any genital configuration, gender identity, or D/s role.


Bet you can't have just one...

Twice as many people, twice as much fun right?  Join Sharrin as she talks about creating scenes for multiple people, thinking about different levels of skills, experience, masochism/sadism and so much more.  Come be part of  the experience and take home some valuable skills for expanding  your play dance card (there may be blood!)  


Bonding and Spirituality in D/s and M/s Relationships

Why do we do D/s and M/s? Is it all about play and service, or is there something significantly more intangible at hand? We explore the deeper motivations that drive the dynamic of M/s relationships. How do protocols and rituals strengthen the bonds? What roles do  transparency, truthfulness and responsibility take in our expressions of intimacy? What core values of control and power do we share to confirm our identity as dominant and   submissive, or Master and slave? And is this about spirituality, or is that just a game we play? We discover the principal foundations at work an d discuss how to incorporate them into our lifestyle relationships.


Breath Control

Breath Control certainly lives on the Edge Play spectrum, and is   not for everyone.  This class will talk about different styles of   breath control and breath play, as well as teach some  techniques  and have some very hands on demonstrations.  If you’re curious about what breath control is, or just wanting to push your xperience with it then be sure to join us.


Can’t Just Leave Out a Bowl of Water & Some Food Can You?

Does the idea of 24/7 Master/slave  relationships scare you or intrigue you? Do you have to tell them when to pee, what to eat, and how to act? Come find out some of the answers to these questions and more about owning a slave.


Dirty Talk: Finding your “filthy voice”

Ever had a partner say something sexy that sent shivers down your spine, or got a text that kept you hard all day? Join Dee for an explicit talk about talking explicitly! We’ll cover some different styles of dirty talk, communicating your preferences to your partner, and fun ways to utilize your “filthy voice” - both in and out of the bedroom.


Discipline, Correction, Punishment and Atonement

While it isn't always the part of the lifestyle we want to look at these are actually important pieces that deserve a bit of reflection. How do each of these terms fit and what do they mean in our relationship. This class looks at how each term works in the relationship to keep us all on the  tracks.



Spankings, forced bedtime, mouth soaping, lists, and contracts galore! Welcome to the world of Domestic Style Discipline! Whether it's a role play you want to explore  or a relationship paradigm you wish to create, this presentation will span the infinite possibilities. We'll chat about all the different ways to punish domestically (think spankings, enemas,   line writing, early bedtimes and forced chores), but we'll also talk about DD based relationships, where the Dominant (Head of Household) and submissive (taken in hand) partners have rules and protocols to follow for self growth, to create a harmonious home, and/or to move the relationship forward in a positive way.

Different teachings and methods will be used for illustration  (both historic and modern, male and female led relationships). A  step by step process will be presented that anyone can follow to add Domestic Discipline into their lives and play. Finally, a  short demo will showcase a real DD relationship in action! Come find out how versatile and important the D in BDSM truly is!


Electrical Play

Actively playing with something your parents told you not to play with electricity. Includes toys and safety. Additionally includes a demo during the class. For those of us  who stuck our fingers into electrical outlets and liked it, electricity can be used in a multitude of ways, both pain and  pleasure. The air will be electric, let's use it to further kink. 


Evolution of the slave spirit

One of the biggest fears that slaves face is the simple question  "How do I stay 'me'?" How can slaves avoid that fear, sometimes paralyzing, as they deepen their slavery and find that their very being, their core and their spirituality, are being molded and changed.

In this class, Master Michael and slave angie will speak from  their experiences as Master and slave of 13 years, one who has a deep spiritual core, and talk about:

      - Maintaining individuality and spirit, and facing the fear

      - Looking at how a slave's sense of self evolves over time

      - How can spirituality and topics of self be addressed during negotiation or ongoing discussions within the relationship.

This class will be an intense sharing and discussion between all participants. All Master and slaves and those interested in Mastery and slavery are welcome, no matter how experienced or not experienced you may be.


Fuck with the Mind: Changing Reality Through Head Games

Psychological play. Mind games. Deception. Alternating reality. Playing with fear. These are examples of mind fucks. In this presentation, we take a closer look at mind fucks. We discuss and demonstrate what they are, how they are done, when to do them, and the associated safety concerns.

Beware that this is not everyone’s cup of tea. You may want to  go and enjoy a nice cup of healthy vanilla tea instead.


How To Support Your Community When You are Not a Joiner

So you often participate in a Leather event but feel great discomfort that your natural inclinations pull hard against joining organizations? You want to know how you can support all the folks who spend their time organizing and working on our community events and still retain an independent or unaffiliated status? Join Doc as he discusses many of the ways that he employs to proved solid support to various organizations  and the community while retaining independent status. Use this session to delineate what the presenter does and to brainstorm as many other possibilities as possible.


Journeys in Leather

An exploration of Leather, what it is, why the draw, is it a fit for you?  Mr Andrew Love will talk about some of his personal journeys in exploring Leather.  From his experience as a Journeyman 3 cadet and his time traveling as a Leather Title holder to his spent serving as Headmaster for Leather Quest.  Mr. Andrew Love brings a perspective on leather  tradition, leather culture and leather community that might help you understand what all the buzz is about and help you  decide if the Leather path is right for you.


Let’s Soar Together. Part 1

Everyone knows a whip when they hear one. Some people are terrified by them, others get a little excited. This class is designed for both extremes and everything in between. We will discuss and demonstrate techniques, style, safety and above all connecting with your partner. It is intended to be more of a guided exchange of energy. A journey through the pleasure and pain that is so unique to the whip.

Come learn the dance and flow that is possible. Learn to create more depth/connection and tap into your passion. Whether a Top or bottom, this starts with a willingness to be present. We will be guiding those who wish to throw the whip plus assisting bottoms  work through their resistance to receiving the whip, creating an opportunity to reshape negative experiences into a re-opening/positive experience and connection to your passion. This intensive, will leave you with solid skills, power exchange energy awareness, and an undying love for the whip. Although this class is participation based, the dance is mesmerizing to watch and an altering experience for everyone. It is so much more than  technique.

Participation will be welcomed and encouraged.  If you own whips, bring them. Let's Dance!


Let’s Soar Together. Part 2

Continuation of Part 1


Living Our Leather

Leather is defined in many ways but in the end, it is always an individual definition uniquely fitting to the person(s) who profess to practice it. Leather is a way of life based upon common human values and a strong correlation of practices of rough sex also known as Leather sex. It is also a second skin of choice and affirmation to our common human values and what we believe in.

Living our Leather, for each of us, is unique. We do not have to wear our leathers all the time, or even most of the time to feel that we are Leather. Leather is physical, emotional, mental and for some, spiritual way of living. We try to live our life as a leather couple. Our relationship is based on respect, integrity, honesty, love and loyalty. These are basic human values. We practice this, knowingly or subconsciously.

Living our Leather, for us, also means that we are constantly growing and changing and we acknowledge it and adapt.

We will share our views on this subject. We will discuss some things which could be controversial to others. We will talk about our ideas and perhaps secrets, how to keep our Leather alive.


Masters Panel Discussion

A distinguished panel of judges convene to entertain any and all questions about Mastery/slavery from the audience. 

Playing With Pain

Call it an intense stimulation, unpleasant sensations, or a cathartic catalyst. Whatever you call it, the reality is pain. It can be a motivating force or a consequence but in the world of BDSM it is a key to unlocking some of the most amazing   experiences imaginable. Though many people who enjoy BDSM will  tell you that they are not “into pain”, they forget that in   almost any kind of activity in the dungeon or bedroom, pain plays  a significant role. From a playful swat of an erotic spanking to   an out-of-body experience brought on through an intense temporary piercing, pain can produce amazing effects.

Playing with pain explores the often overlooked secrets of how people process pain in an erotic setting and the dynamic power exchange involved. It also explains how intense stimulation can  be applied in precise and measured ways.


Sexual Tension in the Air

I love when she surrenders, and she loves to surrender.

Sometimes that simple statement is not sufficient to sustain the state of mind she seeks and surrender is a strain. During this class, we are going to discuss the use of language and words, touch, a smidge of sadism and energetic connection to stimulate the state of mind and induce deeper states of surrender and sexual openness. This is no magic seduction of consent; this is about turning a yes into Oh God Yes.    


Submission and Surrender: peeling back the layers

Have you ever found yourself on a plateau in your service? If yes, come join us for this facilitated discussion. This will be a real and honest look on why and how we engage this sacred space and why it is important and should be cultivated. We will be addressing and discussing the issues around the subtle and obvious approach to Submission and Surrender in our Kink/ Leather/ Fetish/ BDSM situations. In this workshop, the group will define common terms, identify situations and then collectively find.


The Dance of the Master - gracious or clumsy?

The dance that occurs between the Master and slave can be a beautiful dance to witness.  There are natural moves and then not so natural moves. Come and learn dance moves for your Master/slave relationship.  Body language, protocols and  rituals can all make the dance a fund and bonding experience every day that you share together.  General conversation, how you walk through a room or dungeon, walking, sitting and much more will determine how you dance together.  Dance moves will be  shared and demonstrated.


The Icarus Master

The collar is in place, the commitments made, your slave seems motivated to serve you well, and yet something is amiss. Instead of soaring high into the bright blue horizon, you falter and begin to plummet. Plans of perfection and singular success seem to be melting like the waxy wings of Icarus under the heat of the sun. In your hubris, you failed to plan for burnout, boredom, and daily life.

The art of mastering another person is more than hot sex, rules and punishment. Mastery is a responsibility to protect, provide, tend and develop your slave’s potential.

This workshop will discuss instituting a basic framework to create the support needed for a slave to thrive and avoid turbulence. Topics will include: creating your ‘flight plan', avoiding contradictory expectations, how to uplift your slave, and how to land safely together when storms rise.


The Joy and Sunshine of Entertaining Bondage

Need a new party game idea? Tired of the same old bondage scene? Need another use for that complaining  sub? Join Pup Tim and pup Zero as they discuss the ins and outs of predicament bondage and fun party games!  Brining the fun back into bondage, these two have a unique and joyful spin on some of the "new kink!"  Give it a spin, and bring your own laugh track.


The Pain and Pleasure of the Cane

The hiss/crack of a cane always captures the attention of folks  in the dungeon or play space, striking both desire and fear in the hearts of many bottoms. Their reputations are well deserved for being an amazing instrument of pain and pleasure.

This class is geared towards those who want to feel the cane or use the cane. We’ll go over the different types of canes, how   canes can be used and some of the fun things you can do with a cane. We’ll also talk about the preparation and maintenance of   canes. This demo is “hands on”, so come prepared to feel a cane or feel how to strike with a cane. Volunteer bottoms are   most appreciated, but anyone who wants to feel a cane will   definitely be accommodated.

Master Michael has been using canes for almost as long as he's been out, it being one of the first implements he was taught to use. Now he wants to share that joy and passion and FUN of canes with you.


Titleholding Edge Play

Titleholding can be edge play. Titleholding can take you to the edge of what is comfortable for you.  In this class, we will talk a little bit about the history of titleholding. 

What are expectations for yourself and your community? 

What are some of the challenges and joys of holding a title?

If you are a titleholder (past or present) or thinking about running for a title, come be a part of this class!


What Makes M/s Ethical?

What are some of the issues that need to be addressed so that a Master/slave relationship can serve the needs of both parties without exploiting or harming anyone? Is consent alone enough, or do other considerations also play a role in making an M/s relationship ethical? Are there different kinds or levels of consent? Is "ethical" the same as "moral," or does it mean something else? Are "limits" merely preferences, or are  there ethical limits that come into play even during negotiation for an M/s partnership? What constitutes "abuse" in a M/s  relationship? What are a Master's responsibilities to a slave? Of a slave to a Master? Sir Brian F's slave david stein, who ha  been writing and thinking about the ethics of M/s and BDSM for  many years, will share his ideas and discoveries, then lead a  discussion where everyone attending the workshop can contribute.      


When The Collar Comes Off

There is much celebration in our community when a collar is placed on a slave.  At that joyous time, it is difficult to think about a day when it might be removed.

Applying their experience in M/s and D/s relationships, Ms Rhonda and tomo will guide the class through an exploration of the collar coming off and the challenges that go along with it from  the perspective of both Master and slave. 

We will look at why the end of an authority exchange dynamic may be more difficult than the end of a peer relationship, what we can do to take care of ourselves, how to move on in a healthy way, and what steps can be taken during the planning stages relationship to decrease the pain of a possible ending.


Where do you think you are going ? (Predicament Bondage)

Most people love to have a choice. Sadists love it when both choices they dole out are bad! Come learn some new and nasty ways  to put this type of sadistic fun in your scenes using rope.