A Taste of Heaven – The Magic of High Protocol Dinners

Join Sir Gareth and slave toi as they share the secrets of every detail that goes into putting on a High Protocol Dinner! They will share her tips for a 5 Star presentation on a budget! Everyone that attends the class can receive a copy of the Power Point that includes checklists, budgets, invitation sample and more!

When we combine wondrous things to eat with exquisite service decorum, ceremony and high protocol we literally create heaven on earth for Masters and slaves! If you’ve ever wanted to host an elegant 5 Star High Protocol Dinner on a 2 star budget this class is for you!

From concept to execution – we cover it all! –

  • The psychology of a ‘High Protocol Dinner’ (HPD) and why it can be a game changer for your relationship and community,     
  • Making it look easy - magically organize and effortlessly keep track of all the moving parts of a HPD,
  • How to inspire Kings and Queens to stay on course for an entire evening!
  • We’ll review space selection, organizing the kitchen and service staff, 5 Star caliber presentation on a shoestring budget, awesome menu planning resources and more!!