Spiritual Development Scholarship

​The Southwest Leather Conference Spiritual Development Scholarship was created in 2006 as a gift from Master Steve of Butchmanns, to his beloved friend and leather brother, Master Skip, for his 50th birthday.  It was created to honor Master Skip's ministry in the leather community of celebrating and modeling the integration of radical sexuality with one's spirituality.

The scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to leatherfolk who are pursuing formal religious or spiritual training or education for the purpose of accreditation and / or personal spiritual growth and development.  The scholarship is managed by Butchmanns, Inc.

The first recipient of the Southwest Leather Conference Spiritual Development Scholarship 2007 was Reverend Elect Tim Hamilton, a.k.a. Pup Tim.  Tim is a graduate of the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA, having received a Masters of Divinity degree in December, 2007.  He was ordained within the Metropolitan Community Church on February 16, 2008. As a member of the Southwest leather community, Tim is co-founder of the Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles' affinity group, People of Leather Among You (P.L.A.Y.), and 2002 International Pup.  Since 1992, Tim has been a member of the Los Angeles BDSM group, Avatar.  He gave the central sermon at the worship service at International Mr. Leather 2003 in Chicago, and has offered workshops and presentations since 1996. He also organizes the Leather Tribal Revival at Southwest Leather Conference. 


  • 2007 - Reverend Elect Tim Hamilton, a.k.a. Pup Tim
  • 2008 - Master Fire
  • 2009 - girl debra
  • 2010 - No scholarship granted
  • 2011 - Daniel Borysewicz
  • 2012 - Lady Hawke
  • 2013 - Justin Tanis; Tiffany Marik
  • 2014 - Terry Ann Long
  • 2015 - slave Carla
  • 2016 – Madame Molly
  • 2017 - Nicholas Love


To be considered for the Southwest Leather Conference Spiritual Development Scholarship 2018, candidates must be 21 years of age or older and meet the following requirements:

  • Self-identify as a person of leather heart and spirit
  • Substantiate his/her participation within the leather community
  • Have applied and been accepted into a formal religious or spiritual training program for the purpose of accreditation and/or personal spiritual growth and development
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from another self-identifying member of the leather community as well as a letter of recommendation from an individual affiliated with the program the applicant is entering
  • Age (other than the minimum age requirement), race, sexual orientation, relationship status, gender identity, physical ability, religion or spiritual practice(s), and kink/fetish practice(s) shall not be considered by the judges in their awarding of the scholarship.


Candidate selection will be completed by the Butchmanns Selection Committee and recipients will be announced at the Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  Recipients do not need to be present to accept the scholarship.  Only recipients of the scholarship will be announced.  Applicants not selected will not be known to anyone outside of the Selection Committee.  If not selected this year, we encourage you to re-apply for next year's scholarship.

Selected recipients of the Southwest Leather Conference Spiritual Development Scholarship may receive any amount of funding, up to $1,000.00, depending on the candidate’s need and depending on the merits of other candidate applications under consideration.

The scholarship funds will be given to the recipient(s) for award year applied for.  Throughout the award year, recipients must complete a quarterly Funds Allocation Report (template will be provided) and submit it to the Butchmanns Treasurer for inclusion in our Financial Reporting requirements.

The Southwest Leather Conference Spiritual Development Scholarship is not renewable, however past recipients may re-apply for the scholarship each year.


To apply for the Southwest Leather Conference Spiritual Development Scholarship 2018 please fill out this webform and click on apply. Deadline for application submission is midnight (Arizona time), December 1, 2017.

School or Program Attending:
School or Program Attending
Please provide a description of the program you have enrolled in (purpose, duration, location, studies or activities you will be engaged in, etc.) (180 word max)