Ryan Evans/pup Zero is the first Los Angeles Pup titleholder since 2004.  As an LA titleholder, his sense of responsibility has caused him, to want to branch beyond LA to learn and bond with other pup communities. He currently is working hard, creating monthly events, both mosh and social events, for the pups of LA, in the hopes that it will help boast and connect more pups in our area. Zero plans to help create more meet ups and activities for the pup community beyond the bar scene. Zero had also been an active member of the LA Leather community, receiving the Southland Honors Next Generation Award. Education being important to him, Zero had the privilege of presenting a class on puppy play at the SWLC in late January 2016. Throughout his title year, Zero has also had the opportunity to teach several classes at the Long Beach LGBT Center and Being Alive West Hollywood.  Zero has a passion not only for Leather and BDSM, but feels compassionate towards the entire LGBTQ community.