The Pain and Pleasure of the Cane

The hiss/crack of a cane always captures the attention of folks  in the dungeon or play space, striking both desire and fear in the hearts of many bottoms. Their reputations are well deserved for being an amazing instrument of pain and pleasure.

This class is geared towards those who want to feel the cane or use the cane. We’ll go over the different types of canes, how   canes can be used and some of the fun things you can do with a cane. We’ll also talk about the preparation and maintenance of   canes. This demo is “hands on”, so come prepared to feel a cane or feel how to strike with a cane. Volunteer bottoms are   most appreciated, but anyone who wants to feel a cane will   definitely be accommodated.

Master Michael has been using canes for almost as long as he's been out, it being one of the first implements he was taught to use. Now he wants to share that joy and passion and FUN of canes with you.