Ms Kendra


Ms. Kendra hails from Indianapolis, IN. She has spent her entire adult life in the leather community. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance, which is an annual event held in Indianapolis, IN that gives the community a weekend filled with leather contests, workshops, socials and an on-site dungeon. Ms. Kendra has judged and presented at numerous events throughout the country. She was honored with Pantheon Woman of the Year award and has received numerous awards and honors over the past many years. 

Ms. Kendra owns slave garrett, who has been an owned slave for over thirty years. Ms. Kendra has owned slave garrett for over eleven years.   Ms. Kendra has traveled to all seven continents in the world. She believes that to travel and learn from other cultures makes for a better person in life.  Ms. Kendra is honored to be a member of the Butchmanns Board of Directors.