Mars and Sir Mystic



Mars joined the Leather community six months after it turned 18. It has always known it was service oriented and when it got married, its husband also collared it as his slave. Its service has generally not just been focused on him as it served on many event planning committees and several boards since joining the community. It co-founded the Santa Fe Munch and MAsT:Rio Grande (Masters & slaves Together) in 2009. It was on the board of TNG-AZ (The New Generation) in 2011 and 2013, and was the Southwest slave 2012. While Sir Mystic and Mars’s power dynamic has  ended, they are still sharing their journey as husband and wife.

Sir Mystic

Sir Mystic has been living the lifestyle for as long as he can remember. He became active in the Leather community around the age of 20. He has worked on many planning committees for local and regional events over the past few years. When he finds something a community needs he sets himself to try to fill that need. In doing such he helped found MAsT: Rio Grande (Masters & slaves Together)  in 2009, worked closely with NM-TNG (The New Generation) to bring a greater presence to the Santa Fe area, and was the Southwest Master 2012.  While the power dynamic between him and Mars has ended, they are continuing their journey as husband and wife.