Living Our Leather

Leather is defined in many ways but in the end, it is always an individual definition uniquely fitting to the person(s) who profess to practice it. Leather is a way of life based upon common human values and a strong correlation of practices of rough sex also known as Leather sex. It is also a second skin of choice and affirmation to our common human values and what we believe in.

Living our Leather, for each of us, is unique. We do not have to wear our leathers all the time, or even most of the time to feel that we are Leather. Leather is physical, emotional, mental and for some, spiritual way of living. We try to live our life as a leather couple. Our relationship is based on respect, integrity, honesty, love and loyalty. These are basic human values. We practice this, knowingly or subconsciously.

Living our Leather, for us, also means that we are constantly growing and changing and we acknowledge it and adapt.

We will share our views on this subject. We will discuss some things which could be controversial to others. We will talk about our ideas and perhaps secrets, how to keep our Leather alive.