The Icarus Master

The collar is in place, the commitments made, your slave seems motivated to serve you well, and yet something is amiss. Instead of soaring high into the bright blue horizon, you falter and begin to plummet. Plans of perfection and singular success seem to be melting like the waxy wings of Icarus under the heat of the sun. In your hubris, you failed to plan for burnout, boredom, and daily life.

The art of mastering another person is more than hot sex, rules and punishment. Mastery is a responsibility to protect, provide, tend and develop your slave’s potential.

This workshop will discuss instituting a basic framework to create the support needed for a slave to thrive and avoid turbulence. Topics will include: creating your ‘flight plan', avoiding contradictory expectations, how to uplift your slave, and how to land safely together when storms rise.