Evolution of the slave spirit

One of the biggest fears that slaves face is the simple question  "How do I stay 'me'?" How can slaves avoid that fear, sometimes paralyzing, as they deepen their slavery and find that their very being, their core and their spirituality, are being molded and changed.

In this class, Master Michael and slave angie will speak from  their experiences as Master and slave of 13 years, one who has a deep spiritual core, and talk about:

      - Maintaining individuality and spirit, and facing the fear

      - Looking at how a slave's sense of self evolves over time

      - How can spirituality and topics of self be addressed during negotiation or ongoing discussions within the relationship.

This class will be an intense sharing and discussion between all participants. All Master and slaves and those interested in Mastery and slavery are welcome, no matter how experienced or not experienced you may be.