Doc Duhon has been active in the BDSM community for over 30 years, remaining an unaffiliated GDI (God Damn Independent). Not a "joiner" by nature, and coming into a community which was both in the midst of a generational change and the impacts of HIV, he chose not to associate with any particular organization. His experience in power dynamic relationships included coming to terms with both his Dominant and submissive sides, Involved in these relationships since 1987, he first collared a submissive in a long-term relationship in 1991, developing his skills as a Dominant and helping his boy realize his own needs and desires. In the intervening years, Doc has had a number of men under collar and believes relationships are organic. They need to flow and change as circumstance dictates. He is proud of every man who has ever worn his collar. As a switch, he came to terms with his own need to submit in the 1990's and has been privileged to wear the collars of two men. He remains in service to one of them. Doc lives in Palm Springs, CA and his family includes a husband of 24 years, a Master whom he has known for 20 years, and a collared boy. Doc is active in Leatherman's Discussion Group, Power Dynamics Discussion group, various Desert Fetish Authority Activities, and has supported various events including Palm Springs Leather Pride, International Mr. Leather, as well as SF and Palm Springs Gay Pride events, among others.