Smiling Sadist Daddy Crone Leenie is a long-term body worker/energy runner and has been in the Leather world since early 90's. Leenie began Dancing with Whips in 1998 and has not stopped. She started in Boston as a member of MOB (Massachusetts Orgasmic Bitches). S/he has taught/presented for MDG in Asheville, the Women's Winter Bash in Atlanta, MBK in Myrtle Beach, SELF, DESIRE, Mayhem in Vancouver BC, Wicked Women, The Conservatory in PDX, Sagacity in Victoria BC, Threshold in LA, Lupercallia in Edmonton, Alberta, West Coast Bound in Vancouver, B.C., APEX in Phoenix, Conception in Victoria, BC, Behind Closed Doors in Tucson, AZ, Women's International Leather Legacy (WILL), Leather Realm in San Diego and the land of Woo SWLC. 
In workshops, Leenie shares her style, which s/he gleaned from various whip enthusiasts such as, Bob Deegan, Boomer, Sebastian, Roger, Stan and special nod to Wayne of Atlanta. Thank you all for sharing your passion! This Dance is of spirit, body and mind for Leenie, who revels in the intentions created. Keep Dancing!