cheryl identifies as a sexually fluid, slave-leaning, sapiosexual, masochistic, Leather girl. She first stumbled upon the BDSM community in an online forum in 2002, and for the first time knew she wasn’t a freak of nature. She ventured into the public scene in 2003, and never looked back. The BDSM world opened new doors to exploration and authenticity that she never imagined existed. Her path is one of mindful service with a lot of ‘woo’ thrown in for good measure. Since the passing of her Owner in late 2014, she has been learning how to navigate the kink world on her own again.

cheryl is proud to have served as the Arizona slave 2014, past President of Arizona girls of Leather (AZgoL), and a past Board member of Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society (PALS). She is also a member of Edgewalkers, Arizona Power Exchange (APEX), the Phoenix Chapter of MAsT, and Women in Leather International (WILI). She has served as a volunteer at SWLC and Behind Closed Doors, helped out at random APEX events, served as Head Judge for Arizona Master/slave contest, and presents on a variety of M/s topics. She has volunteered at SWLC in several different roles and now serves as Senior Director.

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