A brief update on my October.

In the past two weekends, I have had a ton of fun in my bootblacking world.  First was attending Behind Closed Doors 9, a fun event in Tucson.  We probably had a half dozen bootblacks on site and there was some lovely leather.  One gentleman knows how to flirt with this bootblack as he came into the bootblack area to see if I might have time for his knee-high two tone fluevogs.  Jako, my hubby, laughs at how fast I can get set up when sexiness like that shows up and I will admit I wasted no time in getting my hands, tongue and face on those lovely boots and their charming and sadistic owner.  Part of me paid attention to what it was he did to be engaged as the bootblack ”bottom”.  I want to start discussions and classes on “better bootblacking for all, how to interact while in the stand a guide for those who love bootblacks”, or something along those lines.  


I also got to work the stands Saturday some and enjoyed watching both Paradox and boi Bear work the stands too.  I love the diversity within the bootblack community on how we all do the “same” basic thing, yet each of us have our own personal preferences and flairs on how we do them.  I also attended the bootblacking 101 class Saturday Morning.  When I walked in, I was asked “what are you doing here?  You don’t need this.” I politely disagreed and pointed out that we can all always learn from each other and it never, never hurts to review the basics again.  I did learn a couple new things and including two new uses for Hubbards; a scented rag for aftercare/comfort and for shining bald heads.  

I was able to meet the Goddess Sadie Hawkins in the hall as I was rooming across from her and her slave saw the bootblack patch and let her know there was one right across the hall and she needed her lovely leather skirt done.  I think the different people I get to meet really is one of the best perks of being a bootblack, at least for me.  

I also did do a leather worship scene in the dungeon that rolled into another scene.  This is something I really enjoy getting to do.  Bootblacking is HOT and SEXY and KINKY and can be incorporated into other scenes from predicament bootblacking to many other options.  I love getting to get my shine on in the dungeon and having people realize just how hot and sexy it can indeed be.  It can also be hot, sexy and kinky in the stands, depending on where the stands are set up and the rules of that event.  

The following weekend, I was back home and teaching a bootblack/leather care class at Voodoo Leatherworks before our Leather Night at the Dungeon. We had a very small class, which was wonderful for me.  I got to help each student with the projects and questions they had with them, from helping with restoring an old dried out saddle, to a brand new person who knew nothing yet about leather care and people in-between.  It is always fulfilling to me when I get to meet someone where they are on their path and help them figure out how to move forward.  

A quick change of clothes had me ready for the dungeon time and one of the perks about blacking at home is that there are relationships that have been cultivated for years with negotiations done so that all we need to do to step things up a notch is a quick confirmation that there has not been changes in the rules.  Primal Bootblacking Leather-worship is too a thing and I have the bitemarks and claw marks to prove it!  

his next weekend, I will attend my first Drummer contest with the Rocky Mountain Drummer Contest. It will be a weekend of many emotions as there is the joyous time of contests and the fun that goes with that, and there is also the memorial and celebration of life for Rich Doctor this weekend.  For those who never met him, he was an amazing man and the sudden loss of him hit many.  My love goes out to all who have been touched by this loss, especially Brian.  He was a pillar in this community long before I found Leather.  He has been an inspiration for me and I will continue to work on internalizing some of the lessons he taught me simply by living his values.  

This year has passed so quickly.  It is hard to internalize that it has been nine months since I competed and won the honor of being the Southwest Bootblack 2016.  I cannot tell you how much joy I have found in serving the community as a titleholder.  So many happy memories and experiences have flowed out this year and I have gotten to learn so much.  To each of you who have offered me your love, support or time, THANK YOU!!! I look forward to seeing many of you at Southwest this next year.  




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