Having been a lover and protector of leather for over 30 years, she is currently stepping into and owning her identity as a queer Leather Woman.  Driven by service, it is only natural that she is passionate about educating newcomers in all things Bootblack. 

As your 2015 International Community Bootblack, representing ILSb/ICBB; she has been fortunate enough to travel the country and work the stands, teach classes, organize bootblack lounges and judge; however, her home bar is the Dallas Eagle where she is currently one of the resident bootblacks.  She is an active member of NLA Dallas, where she serves as treasurer, a Beyond Vanilla committee member, NLA International member, Women in Leather International member, on staff for WILL and SPLF as the bootblack coordinator, and serves as: Honorary Director At-Large (Women's Initiatives) for Team Friendly DFW.   Briar has also developed the DFW Bootlab which meets monthly to mentor and share skills.   

Working hard to come out of her introverted shell, she is thrilled to have found the largest fraternity of shenanigan seekers in the Leather world – the BOOTBLACKS – she is open and welcomes new friends and adventures.