Bootblack Zach


Since coming out gay, the BDSM and fetish community has been a part of Zach’s personal journey. Early on in his adventure he discovered his love of serving his communities though bootblacking.  

Earning the Title Ohio Community Bootblack in 2014 and First Runner up at International Mr. Bootblack 2015, Zach has spent the last five years traveling the country spreading bootblack love and education though practicing his craft at contests and teaching events, and other shine-anigans he gets himself into. 

Zach is a Board member of the Titans of the Midwest, which helps facilitate kink education and community building events, in an inclusive spirit, all across the Midwest. He is also an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club and a member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood. Zach has been known to be a sadistic bastard in the play space, his motto being “Tears make the best lube”, but also known as teddy bear and a professional big spoon. 

Residing in Cincinnati Ohio for the past ten years with his boy and apprentice, boy-pup Roke, Zach is infinitely grateful for the friends he has made, the family that has chosen him, and the clubs in which he has found brothers and sisters.