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Meet the Contestants for SWLC 2017!

We have 2 Contestants for the Bootblack Contest! 


California: Teagan the Bootblack  

Teagan is a Bootblack based out of Oakland, CA. As a child before church, she shined a pair of shoes and it was under her father’s watchful eye.

These days her skills are being put to more salacious uses. Upon joining the Leather community and discovering that taking care of leather could be about more than just basic maintenance, she began exploring the eroticism surrounding leather care. In 2013, she began to hone her craft starting with caring for the leathers of her close friends and lovers.  In 2015, she decided to undertake more formal skills training. Once she was working on her own, she began to develop an identity as a spiritual bootblack. She views herself as a healer. Mixing sage oil in with some of her products she seeks to purify both the leather and its owner during their time in her stand.  

She enjoys serving her community as a skilled bootblack, organizer and volunteer. She’s worked at major events including International Ms Leather, Leather HEAT, Dore Alley, and The Folsom Street Fair. She’s also worked as a coordinator for bootblacks at ‘The Playground’ at Folsom Street Fair and Dark Odyssey: Surrender. In 2016, she had the honor of being appointed the title of Southern California Bootblack 2016. 

Texas: Sugar Bear 

Sugar Bear is currently the title holder of Alamo City Bootblack for 2016. Though his title year ends in February of 2017, he does look forward to competing for and supporting the winners of other regional, national and international titles. 

Sugar Bear is proud of his family heritage, the majority of which is rooted in his home state of Texas.  Western style boots are by-far his favorite type of boot to shine.  He grew up believing that “Cowboy Boots” functioned as dress shoes, sneakers, house slippers and all-around casual wear.  He grew up as an “Air Force brat” and his family has been stationed in several locations around the world.   During his senior year while attending the Clovis High School Air Force Junior ROTC program, his father showed him how to shine his first pair of shoes. Even then he must have had a knack for shining because he won “Best Dressed” for his cadet flight several times in a row. 

Since meeting his husband five years ago, he has become more involved with education and the Leather Community.  He is an instructor and board member with the Alamo City Training Academy (ACTA) and teaches BDSM 101.  Sugar Bear also volunteers at the San Antonio LAIR as a staff member and dungeon monitor.  Though he has been in the Leather scene for close to 20 years and received some training as a bootblack fairly early on in his leather journey, he has only taken the role seriously within the last three years.  He is very thankful for his many mentors, teachers and “extended Leather-Family members” for the guidance they have provided along the way. 

 Sugar Bear sees bootblacking as an extension of his spirituality.  When he is given a special piece of leather to work on, he uses the time to “commune” with the item and “listen” to its individual story.  He refers to this as his “Boot-Time”, a period for introspection, meditation and Zen.