“Wish” Linda


Wish Linda is a Leather-identified open-sexual femme who is ever grateful and humbled to have found home in the Leather-kink community after a lifetime of scaring off dates and potential partners with her perverse and profane sexual interests, alternative relationship needs and insistence on direct honesty and living in integrity. She has served her community in a number of capacities including ongoing strong support and fundraising for cause-related work including that related to human and personal rights, taking care of our own through work to provide resources and support to community members with unmet critical needs, providing mentorship and education both through groups and through personal interactions and serving in a volunteer capacity in an array of roles at various community events, conferences and contests.

Southwest Leather was the first lifestyle conference Linda ever attended and remains her heart conference, both for the amazing personal time spent with cherished friends (and those to become friends) and for the focus on spirit/soul connection. She is thrilled and honored to be asked to return as a team lead for this amazing conference and looks forward to joining with you all at Southwest Leather 2017.